Darkglass Microtubes 900 V2

Front panel features:

Input: 6,3 mm jack.
Passive/Active: Use this push-button switch to change from passive to active mode.
Microtubes: Use this push button to turn on or off the Microtubes Engine to add natural compression, organic harmonic enhancement, and saturation ranging from mild overdrive to high gain bass rage.
Compression: This knob controls the amount of dynamic compression added to the Microtubes Engine.
Drive: This knob controls the amount of distortion that the Microtubes Engine will deliver.
Tone: This knob controls the high harmonic content of the Microtubes Engine via a variable low pass filter.
Level: Use this knob to control Microtubes Engine’s output volume.
Blend: Use this knob to mix between the Clean signal and the Distortion signal (Microtubes Engine).
B3K/VMT: This push-button switch selects between two overdrive voicings: B3K mode will deliver an aggressive, percussive sound while the VMT will bring up the mids for a warmer, more neutral character.
Gain: Use this knob to change the volume of the signal before the Active 4 Band EQ.
Bass:  -12 dB at 80 Hz.
Mids:  -12 dB at 250, 500, 1.5 K and 3 Khz.
Treble: -12 dB at 5 kHz.

Back panel features:

Speaker output: speakon, 6,3 mm jack.
Min-Load switch.
Pre amp out: You can use this output to connect the preamp to a different power amp.
Power amp in: You can use this input to connect a different preamp in the power amp. (master volume will be disabled).
Ground Lift: Use this control to lift the ground of the DI XLR output.
Pre DI output: Use this connector to send a balanced copy of your clean signal to the console, mic preamp, interface, etc.
Post DI Output: Use this connector to connect the Microtubes 900 preamplifier to balanced equipment (mic preamp, console, recorder, compressor, audio interface, etc.) via a standard XLR jack.
Headphone output: 6,3 mm jack.
Headphone volume.
Aux In.
Cabinet select.
Footswitch: 6,3 mm jack.

Dimensions: 26,7 x 7 x 25,5 cm.

Weight: 2,9 kg.

Colour: Gray

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