EBS BSU Billy Sheehan Ultimate Pedal

EBS BSS Billy Sheehan Signature PedalBasszus Overdive

Hi or Lo Frequency range Switch. NEW! 

Boost Drive Footswitch.**

Phase Inverter Switch.**

Drive, Tone, Level and Clean controls.*

Three Compressor Modes – High, Mid, Off*

Clean Loop and Drive Loop (use an insert cable, such as the EBS ICY-30 to separate send and return).*

Magnet Type Footswitches. NEW!  

Advanced Features Inside

Replaceable Drive Circuit (8-pin Dual Inline Op-Amp Controlling Drive Circuit). **

Fine tuning trimmers to adjust Threshold level of the compressor (THR.) and the level of Compression when the mode switch is set to MID (COMP).*

Trim pot to set the BOOST switch level inside.**

Power options 9V DC battery or EBS AD9 Pro Power Supply (not included)

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