Marshall MG100HGFX

4 Channels: clean, crunch & OD1, OD2
Power: 100 W RMS
Effects: studio & spring reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, vibe, octaver, and 4x different delays
Fully programmable (except for the master volume)
Direct sound access for intuitive operation
Classic master volume
Channel memory function in the preset mode
Manual mode for current settings during channel selection
Up to 3x effects at the same time
Tap function with indicator for delay time
Delay programme is separately adjustable - Hi-Fi, tape echo, reverse & multi tap
Intelligent delay adjustment during channel switching
2x Switchable and programmable dampings (FDD)
Programmable serial effects loop
FDD circuitry for a rich bass resonance in power amp
MP3 / Line input
Emulated headphone output with speaker muting
Weight: only 11.4 kg!
Dimensions: 591 x 249 x 275 mm
Includes PEDL90010 double foot switch (clean: crunch / overdrive)
Corresponding programmable footswitch: MR-PEDL90008 (with tuner function), optionally available (not included, must be purchased separately)
Recommended cabinets: Marshall MG412AG & MG412BG

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