Marshall SV20H Studio Vintage 20W Valve Head Navy Levant

Handcrafted in the UK
Classic sound accurately recreated
Power reduction technology
Iconic style


Vavles: 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter) and 2x EL34
Channels: Single channel with four separate inputs High and low sensitivity loudness controls
Power Control: 20W or 5W
Speakers: 1 x 10” Celestion V-type 10” (combo only)
Equalisations: Treble, middle, bass and presence
Speaker Outputs: 5 x 1/4” jack sockets (16Ω load / 8Ω load / 4Ω load)
Output: DI Output
Weight 9.25kg / 20.4 lbs
Width: 500mm / 19.7"
Height: 240mm / 9.4"
Depth: 230mm / 9.1"

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