Peavey Vypyr Pro 100

Over 100 different amp, effect, stompbox and instrument models
Advanced WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface
Four selectable tone model modes with LCD
Real time control over Delay and Reverb
Real time model parameter control
Advanced bi-directional USB connector
On-board Tap Tempo
Studio quality headphone out
MP3/CD/Aux input
Analog TransTube® preamp
100 Watts
Custom voiced 12" speaker specifically designed for modeling

Over 500 user assignable presets
Multi-parameter effects control
Dual DSP's for processing speed and capability
Power Sponge™ output power adjustment
On-board chromatic tuner
On-board overdubbing looper (with optional Sanpera® footswitch)
Effects loop
3 adjustable noise gates
Multiple delay and reverb types: tape delay, tube delay, multi-tap delay, modulation delay, analog delay, digital delay, plate verb, room verb, cathedral verb, hall verb, tile verb, gated verb, spring verb
Presence and Resonance adjustment
Assignable input attenuator
Built-in microphone simulated direct out
MIDI output for connecting to and changing presets on the AT-200 guitar (Note: additional software required, available at

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