• HPF cuts unmusical rumble associated with many instruments when going direct.

• LPF rolls off undesirable frequencies. Can also be used as a speaker simulator. When used in conjunction with the studio-grade EQ section, you can recreate different speaker cabinet curves so you can go direct with your favorite distortion and effects pedals.

• Very high impedance accommodates piezos and handles low impedance sources equally well.

• XLR is capable to drive power amps and has a -20dB pad to accommodate mic level inputs on mixers and pre-amps.

• 1/4-inch output has switchable +10dB boost on tap, which is useful to drive power amps or push tube amps into overdrive.

Three modes of operation:

1. Phantom power via the XLR Output

2. Standard 9V alkaline battery (not included)

3. Optional power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC4)

Smooth-action custom actuator, All-metal housing

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