• Signature Richie Kotzen multi-effects pedal for electric guitar
  • SansAmp amplifier emulation section offers you a massive range of amp tone
  • 12dB of clean boost is perfect for kicking your solos into saturated overdrive
  • Musical-sounding FET compressor ranges from subtle smoothing to all-out squash
  • OMG overdrive was designed for expression and nuance
  • Fuzz button changes the overdrive into a thick, wooly fuzz-style tone
  • Parallel reverb with large and small room sizes
  • Delay section serves up slap delays, long trailing ambiences, and everything in between
  • Roto button yields a rotating speaker effect that ramps up from a slow swirl to rapid tremolo-like sound
  • Dedicated tap tempo switch makes it easy to adjust your delay and roto timing on the fly
  • Entire pedal packs comfortably in your case or gig bag — no more clunky pedalboards!
  • All-analog signal path ensures high-quality sound that responds smoothly to your playing
  • Built-in chromatic tuner

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