​​​Gitár multieffekt processzor, IR betöltési lehetőség, 68 ritmus
4,3" LCD kijelző
7 effekt szólhat egszerre
Looper, akár 2 órás (SD kártya használata esetén)
USB Audio interfész
Tartozék: AD-16 adapter
Opciók: külön megvásárolhaó BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter, FP02M Expression Pedal
Méretek: 228 x 418 x 65 mm
Súly: 1.94 kg

6 types of standard amp models + 6 types of ZOOM original amp models
Pre-installed 70 IR data in addition to 22 cabinet models
ZOOM original effect: 2 types of distortion + 3 types of modulation
IR loader function that can read up to 2048 samples, 120 in total (70 presets + 50 users)
Up to 7 effects + 1 amp model (or up to 9 effects) can be used at the same time
240 types of effect patches can be stored in memory (for both factory and user)
4.3-inch touch screen with swipe, drag and drop operations
Looper function that can record phrases of up to 45 seconds (monaural 90 seconds) and 68 types of rhythm pattern function
2-in / 2-out USB audio interface function
Send / return terminal to connect your favorite external effects
Stereo AUX input terminal convenient for connecting music players, etc.
Expression pedal for foot control of volume / pitch / wah, etc.
SD card slot for reading external IR data and expanding / saving looper recording time
Compatible with Mac / Windows software "Guitar Lab" for which additional effects / patches can be obtained
You can use the iPhone / iPad application "Handy Guitar Lab" with the optional Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1).
Extend the product warranty period to 3 years with free online user registration

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