Korg MW 1608

16-Channel Analog/Aigital Hybrid Mixer

8 Channels of sub groups (4 stereo groups)
HiVolt mic preamps with a high degree of headroom
One-knob compressor on all mic channels
Feedback control system
31-Band spectrum analyzer and optimized Break system
Velvet Sound AD/DA converter
LCD Display
Musician’s Phones Monitor Section for fast, one-knob boost of a musician’s mix without having to change the AUX or main mix
Mute groups for quickly creating various input combinations and for the muting of multiple channels
8-Bus configurations for recordings and live mixes with SoundLink
20 x 32-Bit digital effects (10 each simultaneously with storable settings)
ALPS Faders and rotary controls
+48 V Phantom power
16 Microphone inputs: XLR
16 Line inputs: 6.3 mm Jack
2 Main outputs: 6.3 mm XLR/Jack
2 Monitor outputs: 6.3 mm Jack
8 Group outputs: 6.3 mm Jack
4 AUX outputs: XLR (2x Musician's Phones output (6.3 mm jack))
Footswitch input
Talkback input: XLR
Integrated power supply
Dimensions (W x H x D): 396 x 187 x 530 mm
Weight: 8 kg

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