L.R.BAGGS Pickup IBAS C iBeam Set Volume for Classical Guitar

The L. R. Baggs LR-IBASC gives you clearer sound wherever you perform.
The L. R. Baggs LR-IBASC is an iBeam Active System Classical Bridgeplate Pickup.
Bridge Plate Pickup with "Mic-like" Fidelity
The iBeam's MIPA award-winning design employs a matched pair of virtually weightless film sensors that flex with the soundboard to trace your guitar's voice much like diaphragms in a stereo mic. A key advantage over typical bridge plate sensors is the iBeam's "cardioid" like response pattern that inhibits feedback and string squeak while selectively admitting rich tone-producing vibrations. Weighing less than 1/3 of an ounce, the pickup will not alter the guitar's natural acoustics and easily mounts to the bridge plate with peel-and-stick adhesive.
iBeam Active System™ Classical
The iBeam Active Classical pairs a specially notched version of the iBeam designed for fan braced guitars with an all-discrete Class A endpin preamp and soundhole volume control. The audiophile-grade electronics are specifically voiced to faithfully amplify every nuance of nylon string guitars.
FEATURES:Quick and easy installation
Includes iBeam placement jig (pin bridge guitars only)
Natural string-to-string balance and dynamics
All-discrete Class A preamp for warm, analog sound
Available in steel and nylon string versionsPick up the L.R. Baggs LR-IBASC today and take control of your sound.

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