3db EMG-SAV, elõre szerelt tartozékokkal.

* Tartozékok: EMG „Quik-Connect” kábelek, vezetékek, csavarok, rugók, hangerõ és hangszín potméterek, pickup-váltó, 9V-os elem és jackdugó aljzat.

We've worked with Steve Lukather of Toto for several years now and the latest result is the EMG-SAV. We developed the SAV for Steve's "Luke" Guitar made by Ernie Ball, but for Steve we added our special touch. The windings were increased for a meatier tone, we hid away the pole pieces for a more uniform look to the instrument, and we used the original preamp from the SA pickup with flat Alnico 5 pole pieces hidden under the cover cap. Still with EMG's classic sound, the flat poles put the pickup closer to the strings for more output and a punchier attack. [+]

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cables (3), prewired control set including volume, 2 tone controls, 5-way selection switch (black & white knobs), output jack, and battery clip, screws & springs.

Options Available: Black, White, or Ivory cover cap.

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