L.R.BAGGS Pickup, LB6, Replacement nut

Includes Active Endpin Jack Preamp
Soundhole Mounted Volume Control
Replaces Existing Saddle
Incredible String Sensitivity
Excellent Feedback Resistance

This version of the LB6 pickup includes a high quality preamp embedded in an endpin jack. A soundhole mounted volume control is included, as well as battery holder and installation instructions.The LR Baggs LB6 is the pickup that made Baggs famous. It has been around for more than 20 years, and is the preferred choice for professional studio and stage musicians. The LB6 offers incredible string sensitivity without picking up excessive guitar body noise. This gives the LB6 excellent presence, as well as superb clarity for cutting through a mix.Outstanding for lead and fingerpicking, great for all styles of playing. Excellent resistance to feedback, even includes a feedback inhibiting circuit. This is probably the most versatile of all of the LR Baggs pickups.

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