L.R.BAGGS Microphone Pack Lyric for Acoustic Guitar

L. R. BAGGS Lyric Microphone Set
Consisting of:, microphone, soundhole preamp, incl. Cable, for classical guitars

Just one thing: the LYRIC-Classical is not a pickup, but an interfacial microphone, which reminds of the already known L. R. BAGGS Anthem.
The design is exactly the same, but the microphone capsule was changed.

L. R. BAGGS has made a live usable acoustic microphone possible.
This is achieved by the microphone, which captures the sound of the body like an interface without generating feedback or hum signals, which is a problem with the basses.
The preamp consists of a complex circuit of EQs and compressors, which handles the corresponding critical frequency ranges in an excellent way.

The big advantage is that you can move freely while playing, since the microphone is permanently installed.
The Lyric sounds extremely malleable and has the character of a high-quality microphone in front of the guitar.

Typical L. R. BAGGS product quality.

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