L.R.BAGGS Pickup Session VTC Set

Piezo pickup and preamp

Inspired by the self-made L.R.Baggs product videos as well as our experience with the largest and most famous recording studios in Nashville, we present with the SESSION VTC our signature studio sound for your live setup. The L.R.Baggs SESSION VTC improves the acoustic signal and gives it a rich sonic character, what you would otherwise only expect from an experienced sound engineer who works with the best and most expensive studio equipment. We have captured this studio magic and made it possible to fit it easily and compactly into any acoustic guitar and make it usable for live use - studio tools for the stage.

Breathe life into your signal and add additional overtones to your tone for superior "natural warmth" and richness in tone. The "melodious" saturation of the Session VTC is specially designed for acoustic guitar and provides a studio feeling, analogue warmth and increased playability on stage.

As if you had your own sound engineer, the SESSION VTC reacts to the way you play. The special COMP / EQ circuit repeatedly suppresses problematic frequencies that can arise during a live performance, so that only the best sound characteristics of your guitar find their way into the mix. The built-in low, medium and high frequency compressors are essentially "touch-sensitive" EQs that respond to your dynamics in real time. The harder you hit, the more they compress and vice versa.
An unmatched dynamic

The Session VTC pairs studio electronics with our patented Element pickup for a clean, tidy stage sound. Developed to reflect the actual movement of the soundboard, a flexible sensor picks up the most sensitive nuances of the guitar and ensures a detailed tone. Since the pickup also picks up the vibrations of the top and not just direct string pressure, it reduces the usual Plop sound ", which is common with other piezo pickups, and unleashes the incomparable dynamic range of the Element pickup.

Analog warmth enhances the character of the sound and delivers a harmonious tone
Dynamic EQ smooths common problem frequencies
Tone control - a wide range of warmth, clarity and everything in between
Phase selector switch volume control
Battery indicator

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