L.R.BAGGS Pickup M80 active

More body ... more soul

The soul of a guitar is in its body. The subtleties of the best tonewoods produce very detailed tones that need to be captured. A typical magnetic pickup only hears dry strings, the result is a very "electric" sound that completely lacks the true acoustic qualities of the guitar. The M80, on the other hand, captures the entire frequency range of the tonewoods, so the electrically amplified guitar sound also radiates warmth and variety.

The secret of the M80 lies in the patented, oscillating secondary coil. This coil works simultaneously as a humbucker and a 3D structure-borne sound sensor. A specially developed suspension ensures that the humbucker coil follows the deflections of the guitar top in all directions. The result is a sound imprint of the vibrating body, which is mixed with the sound of the strings, creating an overall sound that has never been achieved in this natural way by a magnetic pickup.

The M80 can be operated either actively or passively, which means that you have two pickups in one. In active operation, a high-quality preamplifier with tone control is switched on, which, thanks to its discrete design and selected components, offers the "high-fidelity" sound for which Baggs is so famous. In passive mode, the preamplifier is bypassed so that there is no need for a battery.

Other special features of the M80 are the checking of the battery charge level, a volume control and the height adjustment of the bar magnets in order to create the perfect sound and volume balance between the individual strings.Structure-borne sound transmission in the entire frequency range
Active or passive operation
Insensitive to feedback
Assembled in minutes
Checking the battery charge level
Height adjustment of the bar magnets

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