Kera TP011 hangszedő akusztikus gitárhoz

Pickup Hole: 12 hole magnetic soundhole guitar pickup wide frequency response, low noise. Great for amplifying your guitar's sound.

Volume Adjustable: Designed with tone and volume control for more accurate pickup, also supplied with an amp connection cable and jack.

Wide Application: The guitar pickup fits for any acoustic guitar that has a sound hole and steel strings.

Easy to install: Acoustic guitar pickup can be clip-on to guitar sound hole and connect the audio input with a standard 6.3mm connector.

Product structure: A professional Contact Microphone Pickup: 6.35mm jack with 2.8m cable. Jack female socket, suitable for universal cables with 6.35mm jack male plug.

Sound effect: Contact microphones pick up sound by being in direct contact with the sound source. Able to eliminate external sounds interference and not be influenced by sound reflections from nearby objects.

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